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like hell
[like hell] {adv.}, {slang}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} 1. With great vigor. * […]

[mare] {n.} Woman (derogatory).

nigger in the woodpile
[nigger in the woodpile] {n. phr.}, {slang} Something unexpected that changes […]

piss off
[piss off] {v.}, {slang}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} To bother; annoy; irritate. * […]

put out
[put out] {v.} 1. To make a flame or light stop […]

screw around
[screw around] {v. phr.}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} To hang around idly without […]

sleep around
[sleep around] {v. phr.}, {slang}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} To be free with […]

son of a bitch
[son of a bitch] or [sunuvabitch] also [S.O.B.] {n. phr.}, {vulgar}, […]

[spit] or [piss into the wedding cake] {v. phr.}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} […]

sugar daddy
[sugar daddy] {n.}, {slang}, {semi-vulgar}, {avoidable} An older, [well-to-do] man, who […]