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goldfish bowl
[goldfish bowl] {n.}, {slang}, {informal} 1. A situation in which it […]

goof off
[goof off] {v.}, {slang} To loaf or be lazy; not want […]

grace period
[grace period] or [period of grace] {n.} The time or extra […]

greasy spoon
[greasy spoon] {n.}, {informal} Any small, inexpensive restaurant patronized by workers […]

grow out of
[grow out of] {v. phr.} 1. To outgrow; become too mature […]

[half-baked] {adj.}, {informal} Not thought out or studied thoroughly; not worth […]

[half-time] {n.} A rest period in the middle of certain games. […]

hand in glove
[hand in glove] or [hand and glove] {adj.} or {adv. phr.} […]

[hand-to-mouth] {adj.} Not providing for the future; living from day to […]

hang around
[hang around] {v.}, {informal} 1. To pass time or stay near […]