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from time to time
[from time to time] {adv. phr.} Not often; not regularly; sometimes; […]

from way back
[from way back] {adv. phr.} From a previous time; from a […]

full of the moon
[full of the moon] {n. phr.}, {literary} The moon when it […]

fun house
[fun house] {n.} A place where people see many funny things […]

gay nineties
[gay nineties] {n.} The years between 1890 and 1900; remembered as […]

get around to
[get around to] {v.} To do (something) after putting it off; […]

get at
[get at] {v.} 1. To reach an understanding of; find out […]

get down to
[get down to] {v.}, {informal} To get started on, being on. […]

get going
[get going] {v.}, {informal} 1. To excite; stir up and make […]

get in
[get in] {v. phr.} 1. To be admitted. * /Andy wants […]