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stand a chance
[stand a chance] or [stand a show] {n. phr.} To have […]

standard time
[standard time] also [slow time] {n.} Clock time that is set […]

stare in the face
[stare in the face] {n. phr.} 1. To be about to […]

Starter Marriage
[Starter Marriage] A short-lived first marriage that ends in divorce with […]

[state] See: [LIE IN STATE].

stay up late
[stay up late] {v. phr.} To not go to bed until […]

stem the tide
[stem the tide] {v. phr.} To resist; hold back something of […]

step inside
[step inside] {v.} To come or go inside. * /Mother invited […]

stew in one's own juice
[stew in one's own juice] {v. phr.}, {informal} To suffer from […]

stick by one
[stick by one] {v. phr.} To support; remain loyal to. * […]