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fancy pants
[fancy pants] {n.}, {slang} A man or boy who wears clothes […]

far gone
[far gone] {adj. phr.} In a critical or extreme state. * […]

fast time
[fast time] See: [DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME].

fence in
[fence in] or [hedge in] or [hem in] {v.} To keep […]

[fence-sitting] {n.} or {adj.} Choosing neither side. * /You have been […]

fight against time
[fight against time] See: [RACING TO STAND STILL].

figure on
[figure on] {v.} 1. To expect and think about while making […]

find oneself
[find oneself] {v. phr.} To find out what one is fitted […]

find out
[find out] {v.} 1. To learn or discover (something you did […]

first and last
[first and last] {adv. phr.} Most noticeably; all the time; chiefly. […]