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bread and butter
[bread and butter] (3) {interj.}, {informal} Spoken to prevent bad luck […]

break even
[break even] {v. phr.}, {informal} (stress on "even") To end a […]

break into
[break into] {v.} 1. To force an entrance into; make a […]

break off
[break off] {v.} 1. To stop suddenly. * /The speaker was […]

break out
[break out] {v.} 1. To begin showing a rash or other […]

break the ice
[break the ice] {v. phr.}, {informal} 1. To conquer the first […]

break up
[break up] {v.} 1. To break into pieces. * /The workmen […]

breathe down one's neck
[breathe down one's neck] {v. phr.}, {informal} To follow closely; threaten […]

breeze in
[breeze in] {v. phr.}, {slang}, {informal} To walk into a place […]

bring around
[bring around] or [bring round] {v.} 1. {informal} To restore to […]