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full of beans
[full of beans] {adj. phr.}, {slang} 1. Full of pep; feeling […]

full of oneself
[full of oneself] {adj. phr.}, {informal} Interested only in yourself. * […]

full of the Old Nick
[full of the Old Nick] or [full of the devil] or […]

generous to a fault
[generous to a fault] {adj. phr.} Excessively generous. * /Generous to […]

given to
[given to] {adj. phr.} Having a tendency to; addicted to. * […]

going for one
[going for one] {adj. phr.} Working to help; in one's favor. […]

gone with the wind
[gone with the wind] {adj. phr.} Gone forever; past; vanished. * […]

good for
[good for] or [hurrah for] {adj. phr.} Used with a name […]

good show!
[good show!] {adj. phr.} Excellent; terrific; wonderful. * /"Good show, boys!" […]

[good-for-nothing] {adj. phr.} Worthless. * /While Janice works hard each day, […]