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every other
[every other] {adj. phr.} Every second; every alternate. * /The milkman […]

every single
[every single] or [every last] {adj. phr.} Every. - Used for […]

eyes open
[eyes open] {adj. phr.} 1. Careful watch or attention; readiness to […]

faced with
[faced with] {adj. phr.} Confronted with. * /We were all faced […]

far afield
[far afield] {adj. phr.} Remote; far from the original starting point. […]

far gone
[far gone] {adj. phr.} In a critical or extreme state. * […]

fed up
[fed up] {informal} also {slang} [fed to the gills] or [fed […]

few and far between
[few and far between] {adj. phr.} Not many; few and scattered; […]

filthy rich
[filthy rich] {adj. phr.} Extremely rich but without cultural refinement; nouveau […]

[first-run] {adj. phr.} Shown for the first time; new. * /The […]