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daylight saving time
[daylight saving time] also [daylight saving] or [daylight time] or [fast […]

die off
[die off] {v.} To die one at a time. * /The […]

do a stretch
[do a stretch] {v. phr.} To spend time in jail serving […]

do one a good turn
[do one a good turn] {v. phr.} To perform an act […]

do time
[do time] or [doing time] See: [DO A STRETCH].

dog days
[dog days] {n. phr.} The hottest days of the year in […]

dog one's steps
[dog one's steps] {v. phr.} To follow someone closely. * /All […]

dogs age
[dog's age] or [coon's age] {n.}, {informal} A very long time. […]

[double-cross] {v.} To promise one thing and deliver another; to deceive. […]

down to the wire
[down to the wire] {adj.}, {slang} 1. Running out of time, […]