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Satchel Paige
(1906-1982) U.S. baseball player Age is a question of mind over […]

Satchel Paige
(Leroy Paige) (1906-1982) U.S. baseball player How old would you be […]

[sauce] See: [HIT THE SAUCE].

save face
[save face] {v. phr.} To save your good reputation, popularity, or […]

saving grace
[saving grace] {n. phr.} A single good attribute; a redeeming quality. […]

say one's peace
[say one's peace] or [speak one's piece] {v. phr.} To say […]

say uncle
[say uncle] also [cry uncle] {v. phr.}, {informal} To say that […]

[scale] See: [TO SCALE].

[scene] See: [BEHIND THE SCENES].

[schedule] See: [ON SCHEDULE].