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as regards
[as regards] {prep.} Regarding; concerning; about. * /You needn't worry as […]

as to
[as to] {prep.} 1. In connection with; about; regarding. * /There […]

aside of
[aside of] {prep.}, {dialect} Beside; by the side of. * /Mary […]

at a set time
[at a set time] {prep. phr.} At a particular, pre-specified time. […]

at each other's throats
[at each other's throats] {prep. phr.} Always arguing and quarreling. * […]

at face value
[at face value] {prep. phr.} What one can actually hear, read, […]

at great length
[at great length] {prep. phr.} 1. In great detail. * /Jim […]

at half mast
[at half mast] {prep. phr.} Halfway up or down; referring primarily […]

at one's best
[at one's best] {prep. phr.} In best form; displaying one's best […]

at the eleventh hour
[at the eleventh hour] {prep. phr.} At the last possible time. […]