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God forbid
[God forbid] {interj.} May God prevent (something from happening); I hope […]

good day
[good day] {interj.} Hello or goodbye. - Used as a formal […]

good evening
[good evening] {interj.} Hello or goodbye. - Used as a formal […]

good grief!
[good grief!] {interj.}, {informal} Wow! Indication of surprise, good or bad. […]

good night
[good night] {interj.} 1. Used as a polite phrase when you […]

goodness gracious
[goodness gracious] {interj.}, {slightly archaic} Exclamation of surprise and a certain […]

great Godfrey
[great Godfrey] or [great guns] or [great Scott] {interj.}, {informal} A […]

hang it
[hang it (all)] {interj.}, {informal} An exclamation used to express annoyance […]

heads up
[heads up] {interj.}, {informal} Keep your head up and be careful […]

heavenly days!
[heavenly days!] {interj.}, {informal} Exclamation of amazement and disbelief with negative […]