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funny bone
[funny bone] {n.} 1. The place at the back of the […]

go ape
[go ape] {v. phr.}, {slang} To become highly excited or behave […]

[josser] {n.} A cretin or simpleton.

lay rubber
[lay rubber] or [lay a patch] {v. phr.}, {slang} To take […]

like crazy
[like crazy] See: [LIKE MAD].

like mad
[like mad] or [like crazy] {adv.}, {slang}, {informal} With great enthusiasm […]

mad as a hatter
[mad as a hatter] or [mad as a March hare] {adj. […]

mad as a March hare
[mad as a March hare] See: [MAD AS A HATTER].

method in (to) one's madness
[method in (to) one's madness] {n. phr.} A plan or organization […]

nut case
[nut case] {n. phr.} A very silly, crazy, or foolish person. […]