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jump on
[jump on] or [jump all over] or [land on] or [land […]

lay at one's door
[lay at one's door] {v. phr.}, {literary} To blame (something) on […]

lay the blame at one's door
[lay the blame at one's door] {v. phr.} To say that […]

lay to
[lay to] {v.} 1. To give the blame or credit to; […]

leave holding the bag
[leave holding the bag] or [leave holding the sack] {v. phr.}, […]

live down
[live down] {v.} To remove (blame, distrust or unfriendly laughter) by […]

own up
[own up] {v.}, {informal} To take the blame; admit your guilt; […]

pick a hole in
[pick a hole in] or [pick holes in] {v. phr.}, {informal} […]

pin down
[pin down] {v.} 1a. To keep (someone) from moving; make stay […]

The cat did it!
[The cat did it!] A humorous and convenient way to pass […]