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cool down
[cool down] or [cool off] {v.} To lose or cause to […]

die away
[die away] or [die down] {v.} To come slowly to an […]

fly at one's throat
[fly at one's throat] {v. phr.} To attack you suddenly with […]

get in wrong
[get in wrong] {v. phr.} To incur the anger or dislike […]

get the better of
[get the better of] or [get the best of] {v. phr.} […]

go off in a huff
[go off in a huff] {v. phr.} To depart in anger. […]

go up in the air
[go up in the air] {v. phr.} To become angry; lose […]

good night
[good night] {interj.} 1. Used as a polite phrase when you […]

great Godfrey
[great Godfrey] or [great guns] or [great Scott] {interj.}, {informal} A […]

hard feeling
[hard feeling] {n.} Angry or bitter feeling; enmity. - Usually used […]