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arse bandit
[arse bandit] {adj.} homosexual (offensive, derogatory).

arse over tit
[arse over tit] {v.} [Head over heels], to fall over or […]

[arsehole] {n.} 1. The anus. 2. General derogatory term.

ball bag
[ball bag] Scrotum.

balls up
[balls up] {n.} A bungled or messed up situation. (WWI Service […]

bang to rights
[bang to rights] Caught in the act.

bang up
[bang up] {v.} 1. To lock up in prison (prison slang). […]

[barney] {n.} a noisy quarrel or fight. Sometimes claimed to be […]

[bender] a drinking binge.

[bent] {adj.} 1. dishonest or corrupt, 2. homosexual (mildly derogatory).