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a little
[a little] {n.} or {adj.} A small amount (of); some. - […]

about time
[about time] {n. phr.} Finally, but later than it should have […]

ace in the hole
[ace in the hole] {n. phr.} 1. An ace given to […]

after a while
[after a while] {informal} or [in a while] {adv. phr.} Later, […]

after hours
[after hours] {adv. or adj. phr.} Not during the regular, correct, […]

against the clock
[against the clock] See: [AGAINST TIME].

against time
[against time] or [against the clock] {adv. phr.} 1. As a […]

ahead of
[ahead of] {prep.} 1. In a position of advantage or power […]

ahead of the game
[ahead of the game] {adv. or adj. phr.}, {informal} 1. In […]

ahead of time
[ahead of time] {adv. phr.} Before the expected time; early. * […]