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[Über] German for "super" or "hyper"; often used in video games […]

[Übern00b] (from German 'Über', super-/hyper- and a corruption of newb) "Fat […]

--- and ---
[--- and ---] 1. - And is used between repeated words […]

[-x0r] A suffix used by [H4X0Rs] to emphasize a point.

[0day] Software or media that is illegally obtained before or on […]

[404] Someone who is clueless. From the Web error message, "404 […]

a bit
[a bit] {n.}, {informal} A small amount; some. * /There's no […]

a few
[a few] {n.} or {adj.} A small number (of people or […]

a friend in need is a friend indeed
[a friend in need is a friend indeed] A genuine friend […]

a hell of
[a hell of a] or [one hell of a] {adj.} or […]