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all better
[all better] {adj. phr.} Fully recovered; all well again; no longer […]

all right for you
[all right for you] {interj.} I'm finished with you! That ends […]

American Idioms
By part of speech: Nouns Verbs Adverbs Adjectives Interjections Prepositions […]

call names
[call names] {v. phr.} To use ugly or unkind words when […]

copy cat
[copy cat] {n.} Someone who copies another person's work or manner. […]

cross one's heart
[cross one's heart] or [cross one's heart and hope to die] […]

rotten egg
[rotten egg] {n.}, {informal} A person whose character or way of […]

[yum-yum] {interj.}, {informal} - Used usually by or to children, to […]