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American Idioms
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[bugger] {n.} anal sex but in slang terms can be used […]

for crying out loud
[for crying out loud] {informal} Used as an exclamation to show […]

for shame
[for shame] {interj.} Shame on you; you should be ashamed of […]

gee whiz
[gee whiz] {interj.}, {informal} Used as an exclamation to show surprise […]

good grief!
[good grief!] {interj.}, {informal} Wow! Indication of surprise, good or bad. […]

good riddance
[good riddance] {n.} A loss that you are glad about. Often […]

goodness gracious
[goodness gracious] {interj.}, {slightly archaic} Exclamation of surprise and a certain […]

hang it
[hang it (all)] {interj.}, {informal} An exclamation used to express annoyance […]

heavenly days!
[heavenly days!] {interj.}, {informal} Exclamation of amazement and disbelief with negative […]