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all the
[all the] (1) {adj. phr.}, {dial.} The only. * /A hut […]

American Idioms
By part of speech: Nouns Verbs Adverbs Adjectives Interjections Prepositions […]

aside of
[aside of] {prep.}, {dialect} Beside; by the side of. * /Mary […]

cow's tail
[cow's tail] {n.}, {dialect} A person who is behind others. * […]

for to
[for to] {prep. phr.}, {dialect} So that you can; to. * […]

hear the beat
[hear the beat] or [see the beat] {v. phr.}, {dialect} To […]

I declare
[I declare] {interj.}, {dialect} Well; oh my; truly. - Used for […]