Learning English at Maltalingua

The Experience of a Lifetime

Some consider English as a difficult language to learn. No wonder so many opt to learn this beautiful language in the comfort of their own country. However when you think English, consider Maltalingua and Malta as the perfect combination. Maltalingua is a newly established English Language School. Malta is the perfect holiday resort. Together Maltalingua and Malta make learning English fun in a professional way.
Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, north of Africa and south of Sicily. It is a former British colony which gained independence in 1964. Having been under British rule for almost 200 years, the Maltese speak English fluently and English is also an official language.
Having the advantage of a very mild climate, Malta is generally warm and sunny all the year round, making it a very enticing country for those seeking to get away from the cold weather. This is therefore a great opportunity to enhance one’s English language skills whilst getting a tan under the warm Maltese sun.
Well aware of what Malta has to offer as a holiday island, Maltalingua combines tuition and leisure in order to present a holistic programme to its students. Maltalingua’s premises are equipped to high standards, are fully air-conditioned; offer a free of charge wi-fi connection, a computer room, as well as the use of the sun terrace and a private swimming pool.
English is taught in a professional way in the classrooms, but Maltalingua also encourages students to further enhance their language skills by providing leisure activities outside school hours in the company of Maltalingua’s own teachers, thus making learning English a rewarding activity.
Furthermore, since all Maltese are English speaking, students get the opportunity to practise further when staying with host families. Maltalingua offers self-catering facilities for those wishing to spend their time in Malta independently.
Albeit a very small island, Malta is packed with history. There are numerous museums to visit exhibiting different remains and artefacts, such as Ghar Dalam, a pre-historic cave turned museum; the Domus Romana, a museum depicting what remains of an authentic Roman Villa and the only Inquisitor’s Palace remaining in the world, which dates back to the middle ages, to name but a few. Valletta, Malta’s Capital City is a museum in itself. Having recently been chosen as the European City of Culture for 2018, Valletta was built by the Knights of Malta and hailed as a city of gentlemen for gentlemen.
With a mixture of history, culture, leisure and fun, learning English in Malta at Maltalingua is guaranteed to give any prospective student the experience of a lifetime.

This article has been written by Katrin Risiott (EFL Teacher at the English language school Maltalingua)

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