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Do you have any experience hiring essay writers online? If so, you have probably tried out a number of websites offering academic papers help and believe that they are all the same.
To a certain degree, you are right – many academic writing companies are almost indistinguishable from each other. However, this is not true for all of them, as can be clearly seen through the example of, a platform where you can hire academic writers online and deal with them directly, without the interference of any kind of middleman. Yes, you've read it correctly – doesn't have its own staff of writers. Instead, it offers both writers and their clients a platform where they can meet, post descriptions of their papers and discuss the details of their work. You don't have a random writer assigned to your essay – you choose a person to write for you yourself, following your own set of criteria. Whether you are price-conscious and look for an affordable helper or have an extremely important admission assignment to be written and are ready to pay any amount of money for the top quality, there will be somebody meeting your requirements.

Hiring Academic Writers Online: What Offers to Its Clients website positions itself as a client-oriented company that is different from most other sites offering essay writing help online. Here are a few things they consider to be the most important characteristic features of their website:

  • Work process. You can either directly look for essay writers online using database or post “Write my papers for me” order. It is easy to do.
  • In the latter case, currently available writers will start bidding for it, offering their assistance, and you are free to choose the one you feel to be the best;
  • Transparency. When you hire academic writers online from other services, you don't know anything about them, how the job proceeds and whether it proceeds at all. When you buy essays from, you know exactly who writes them, can see examples of their previous work, study feedback from other clients and directly discuss the job with them;
  • Flexible prices. With, the same term paper can be cheap or expensive, depending on whom you hire to help you with it in the best manner;
  • Trustworthy writers. All writers working through undergo strict screening – they should prove their knowledge of English, formatting styles and mastery of the topics they intend to write about. Thus even the cheapest writers are good at what they are doing;
  • Universality. does all kinds of work for college and university students. Creative writing, law, biology, art – as they don't have to maintain a constant staff, they can afford to have professional writers specializing in many different fields.

Getting Essay Writing Help Online from

It is worth mentioning that doesn't stop at providing custom writing for its clients, who come with their “Help me write my MBA project” or “I need an editor to deal with my writings and give some tips for dummies” requests. If you need research, editing, tutoring or assistance of any other kind, this online platform can help you out. Another useful feature is that you can choose a writer from more or less the same time zone as the one you live in. It is convenient if, for example, you work on a dissertation or another large
task and have to be constantly in touch with the writer to keep an eye on the process and edit the text if necessary.
All in all, offers an experience that is quite different from that of using a traditional writing service offering papers for sale. Dealing with it may be a little bit more involved, but the amount of control over the proceedings more than makes up for the extra time you spend.

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