wear out

wear out  {v.}
1a. To use or wear until useless.
Bobby got a toy truck that would run on a battery, and he used it so much that he soon wore it out.
The stockings are so worn out that they can't be mended any more.
Compare: GIVE OUT (4), USE UP.
1b. To become useless from use or wear.
The old clock finally wore out.
One shoe wore out before the other.
2. or tire out
To make very tired; weaken.
The children played inside when it rained, and they soon wore out their mother.
When Dick got home from the long walk, he was all worn out.
- Often used with "oneself".
Don't wear yourself out by playing too hard.
Compare: GIVE OUT (4).
3. To make by rubbing, scraping, or washing.
The waterfall has worn out a hole in the stone beneath it.
Categories: verb