run into

run into  {v.}
1. To mix with; join with.
If the paint brush is too wet, the red paint will run into the white on the house.
This small brook runs into a big river in the valley below.
2. To add up to; reach; total.
Car repairs can run into a lot of money.
The number of people killed on the highways during holidays runs into hundreds.
A good dictionary may run into several editions.
3a. Bump; crash into; hit.
Joe lost control of his bike and ran into a tree.
Compare: RUN DOWN.
3b. To meet by chance.
I ran into Joe yesterday on Main Street.
3e. Be affected by; get into.
I ran into trouble on the last problem on the test.
When I ran into a problem while making my model airplane, I asked Uncle Mark for help.
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