round robin

round robin  {n. phr.}
1. Something written, especially a request or protest that is signed by a group of people. — Often used like an adjective.
The people in our neighborhood are sending a round robin to the Air Force to protest the noise the jet planes make flying over our houses.
2. A letter written by a group of people each writing one or two paragraphs and then sending the letter to another person, who adds a paragraph, and so on.
The class sent a round-robin letter to Bill in the hospital.
3. A meeting in which each one in a group of people takes part; a talk between various members of a group. — Often used like an adjective.
There is a round-robin meeting of expert fishermen on the radio, giving advice on how to catch fish.
4. A contest or games in which each player or team plays every other player or team in turn. — Often used like an adjective.
The tournament will be a round robin for all the high school teams in the city.
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