put down

put down  {v. phr.}
1. To stop by force, crush.
In 24 hours the general had entirely put down the rebellion.
2. To put a stop to; check.
She had patiently put down unkind talk by living a good life.
3. To write a record of; write down.
He put down the story while it was fresh in his mind.
4. To write a name in a list as agreeing to do something.
The banker put himself down for $1000.
Sheila put Barbara down for the decorations.
5. To decide the kind or class of; characterize.
He put the man down as a bum.
He put it down as a piece of bad luck.
6. To name as a cause; attribute.
He put the odd weather down to nuclear explosions.
7. To dig; drill; sink.
He put down a new well.
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