line up

line up  {v. phr.}
1. To take places in a line or formation; stand side by side or one behind another; form a line or pattern.
The boys lined up and took turns diving off the springboard.
The football team lined up in a "T" formation.
2. To put in line.
John lined up the pool balls.
3. To adjust correctly.
The garage man lined up the car's wheels.
4a.  {informal}
To make ready for action; complete a plan or agreement for; arrange.
Henry's friends lined up so many votes for him that he won the election.
Roger lined up a summer job before school was out.
The superintendent lined up all the new teachers he needed before he went on vacation.
4b.  {informal}
To become ready for action; come together in preparation or agreement.
The football schedule is lining up well; the coach has arranged all games except one.
Larry wanted to go to the seashore for the family vacation, but the rest of the family lined up against him.
Categories: informal verb

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