lay out

lay out  {v. phr.}
1. To prepare (a dead body) for burial.
The corpse was laid out by the undertaker.
2.  {slang}
To knock down flat; to hit unconscious.
A stiff right to the jaw laid the boxer out in the second round.
3. To plan.
Come here, Fred, I have a job laid out for you.
4. To mark or show where work is to be done.
The foreman laid out the job for the new machinist.
5. To plan the building or arrangement of; design.
The architect laid out the interior of the building.
The early colonists laid out towns in the wilderness.
Compare: LAY OFF (1).
6.  {slang}
To spend; pay.
How much did you have to lay out for your new car?
7. or lay out in lavender  {slang}
To scold; lecture.
He was laid out in lavender for arriving an hour late for the dance.
Compare: JUMP ON, LAY INTO (2), LET HAVE IT (1c).

Categories: slang verb

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