hold up

hold up  {v.}
1. To raise; lift.
John held up his hand.
2. To support; hear; carry.
The chair was too weak to hold up Mrs. Smith.
3. To show; call attention to; exhibit.
The teacher held up excellent models of composition for her class to imitate.
4. To check; stop; delay.
The wreck held up traffic on the railroad's main line tracks.
5.  {informal}
To rob at gunpoint.
Masked men held up the bank.
6. To keep one's courage or spirits up; remain calm; keep control of oneself.
The grieving mother held up for her children's sake.
7. To remain good; not get worse.
Sales held up well.
Our team's luck held up and they won the game.
The weather held up and the game was played.
8. To prove true.
The police were doubtful at first, but Tony's story held up.
9. To delay action; defer; postpone. Often used with "on".
The college held up on plans for the building until more money came in.
The President held up on the news until he was sure of it.

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