go over

go over  {v.}
1. To examine; think about or look at carefully.
The teacher went over the list and picked John's name.
The police went over the gun for fingerprints.
2. To repeat; do again.
Don't make me go all over it again.
We painted the house once, then we went over it again.
3. To read again; study.
After you finish the test, go over it again to look for mistakes.
They went over their lessons together at night.
4. To cross; go to stop or visit; travel.
We went over to the other side of the street.
I'm going over to Mary's house.
We went over to the next town to the game.
5. To change what you believe.
Father is a Democrat, but he says that he is going over to the Republicans in the next election.
Many of the natives on the island went over to Christianity after the white men came.
6. To be liked; succeed. — Often used in the informal phrase "go over big".
Bill's joke went over big with the other boys and girls.
Your idea went over well with the boss.

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