get around

get around  {v.}
1a. To go to different places; move about.
Mary's father really gets around; Monday he was in Washington; Wednesday he was in Chicago; and today he is in New York.
Fred broke his leg, but he is able to get about on crutches.
1b. or get about
To become widely known especially by being talked about.
Bad news gets around quickly.
2a.  {informal}
To get by a trick or flattery what you want from (someone).
Mary knows how to get around her father.
2b.  {informal}
To find a way of not obeying or doing; escape from.
Some people try to get around the tax laws.
John did not weigh enough to join the Navy, but he got around that; he drank a lot of water before his physical examination.
Categories: informal verb

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