come on

come on  {v.}
1. To begin; appear.
Rain came on toward morning.
He felt a cold coming on.
2. To grow or do well; thrive.
The wheat was coming on.
His business came on splendidly.
3. or come upon. To meet accidentally; encounter; find.
He came on an old friend that day when he visited his club.
He came upon an interesting idea in reading about the French Revolution.
4.  {informal}
Let's get started; let's get going; don't delay; don't wait. — Used as a command.
"Come on, or we'll he late," said Joe, but Lou still waited.
5.  {informal}
Please do it! — Used in begging someone to do something.
Sing us just one song, Jane, come on!
Come on, Laura, you can tell me. I won't tell anybody.
Categories: informal verb

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