a bit

a bit  {n.},  {informal}
A small amount; some.
There's no sugar in the sugar bowl, but you may find a bit in the bag.
If the ball had hit the window a bit harder, it would have broken it.
- Often used like an adverb.
This sweater scratches a bit.
- Also used like an adjective before "less", "more".
Janet thought she could lose weight by eating a bit less.
"Have some more cake?" "Thanks. A bit more won't hurt me." — Often used adverbially after verbs in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences, sometimes in the form "one bit".
"Won't your father be angry?" "No, he won't care a bit."
Helen feels like crying, but I'll be surprised if she shows it one bit.
- Sometimes used with "little" for emphasis, also in the emphatic form "the least bit".
"Wasn't Bob even a little bit sorry he forgot his date?" "No, Bob wasn't the least bit sorry."
Compare: A FEW.
Contrast: A LOT.
Categories: emphasis informal noun

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