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calculated risk

illustration for section: calculated risk
An action that may fail but is judged more likely to succeed.
The sending of troops to the rebellious island was a calculated risk.

date back

date back  {v. phr.}
To go back to a given period in the past.
My ancestors date back to the sixteenth century.

easy does it

easy does it  {informal}
Let's do it carefully, without sudden movements and without forcing too hard or too fast; let's try to just hard enough but not too hard.
"Easy does it," said the boss as they moved the piano through the narrow doorway.
Compare: TAKE IT EASY.

fancy doing something

An expression of surprise.
Fancy meeting you here in such an unexpected place!

get a kick out of

get a kick out of  {v. phr.}
To be greatly thrilled; derive pleasure from.
Tom and Many get a kick out of playing four hands on the piano.
Categories:pleasure verb

hang together

1. To stay united; help and defend one another.
The club members always hung together when one of them was in trouble.
2.  {informal}
To form a satisfactory whole; fit together.
Jack's story of why he was absent from school seems to hang together.
Categories:hang informal verb

in a nutshell

in a nutshell  {adv. phr.},  {informal}
In a few words; briefly, without telling all about it.
We are in a hurry, so I'll give you the story in a nutshell.
In a nutshell, the car is no bargain.
Compare: IN SHORT.
Categories:adverb informal

jump down one's throat

To suddenly become very angry at someone; scold severely or angrily.
The teacher jumped down Billy's throat when Billy said he did not do his homework.

keep one's chin up

keep one's chin up  {v. phr.}
To be brave; be determined; face trouble with courage.
He didn't think that he would ever get out of the jungle alive, but he kept his chin up.

laugh off

laugh off  {v.}
To dismiss with a laugh as not important or not serious; not take seriously.
He had a bad fall while ice skating but he laughed it off.
You can't laugh off a ticket for speeding.
Categories:laugh verb