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dumb bunny

dumb bunny  {n.},  {slang},  {informal}
Any person who is gullible and stupid.
Jack is a regular dumb bunny.
Categories:informal noun slang

beach bunny

Irina Shayk (Beach Bunny)
beach bunny  {n.},  {slang}
An attractive girl seen on beaches — mostly to show off her figure; one who doesn't get into the water and swim.
What kind of a girl is Susie? — She's a beach bunny; she always comes to the Queen's Surf on Waikiki but I've never seen her swim.
Categories:noun slang

fish out of water

fish out of water  {n. phr.}
A person who is out of his proper place in life; someone who does not fit in.
Because Ed could not swim, he felt like a fish out of water at the beach.
She was the only girl at the party not in a formal dress and she felt like a fish out of water.

other fish to fry

other fish to fry  {n. phr.},  {informal}
Other things to do; other plans.
They wanted John to be the secretary, but he had other fish to fry.
Mary was invited to the party but she refused because she had other fish to fry.
Categories:informal noun

in the swim

in the swim  {adj. phr.}
Doing the same things that other people are doing; following the fashion (as in business or social affairs); busy with what most people are doing.
Jim found some college friends at the lake that summer, and soon was in the swim of things.
Mary went to New York with introductions to writers and artists, and that winter she was quite in the swim.
Contrast: OUT OF THE SWIM.

out of the swim

out of the swim  {adj. phr.}
Not doing what others are doing; not active in business or social affairs.
Mary had to stay home and take care of Mother while she was sick, and soon felt out of the swim.
The toy manufacturer who is out of the swim will lose money.
Contrast: IN THE SWIM.

sink or swim

sink or swim  {v. phr.}
To succeed or fail by your own efforts, without help or interference from anyone else; fail if you don't work hard to succeed.
When Joe was fourteen, his parents died, and he was left by himself to sink or swim.
Tom's new job was confusing and no one had time to help him learn, so he had to sink or swim.
Categories:time verb

heart sink

To lose hope, courage, or eagerness; be very disappointed.
The soldiers' hearts sank when they saw that they were surrounded by Indians.
The children were happy because they were going to the beach to swim, but their hearts sank when it began to rain.

throw in the sponge

To admit defeat; accept loss.
After taking a beating for five rounds, the fighter's seconds threw in the sponge.
When Harold saw his arguments were not being accepted, he threw in the towel and left.
Syn.: GIVE UP.
Categories:informal verb

sink in

sink in or soak in  {v.},  {informal}
To be completely understood; be fully realized or felt.
Everybody laughed at the joke but Joe; it took a moment for it to sink in before he laughed too.
When Frank heard that war had started, it didn't sink in for a long time until his father was drafted into the army.
Compare: BRING HOME.
Categories:informal time verb