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turn one's head

turn one's head  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To make you lose your good judgment.
The first pretty girl he saw turned his head.
Winning the class election turned his head.
Categories:informal verb

saber rattling

A show of military strength usually to frighten; a threat of military force.
The dictator marched his troops and tanks along the border of our country and did some saber rattling.
Categories:military noun

pick one's teeth

pick one's teeth  {v. phr.}
To clean one's teeth with a toothpick.
It is considered poor manners to pick one's teeth in public.

on easy street

on easy street  {adj. phr.},  {informal}
Having enough money to live very comfortably; rather rich.
After years of hard work, the Grants found themselves on easy street.
Jim's novel was a success and put him on easy street.

scrape together

scrape together  {v. phr.}
To quickly assemble, usually from scanty ingredients.
We were so hungry we had to scrape together some lunch from all kinds of frozen leftovers.

not to know one from Adam

To not know a person; be unable to recognize someone.
I have no idea who that guy is that Jane just walked in with; I don't know him from Adam.

play footsie

illustration for section: play footsie
play footsie  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {informal}
1. Touch the feet of a member of the opposite sex under the table as an act of flirtation.
Have you at least played footsie with her?
2. To engage in any sort of flirtation or collaboration, especially in a political situation.
The mayor was suspected of playing footsie with the Syndicate.
Categories:informal slang verb

on the hour

on the hour  {adv. phr.}
Each time the hour has zero minutes and zero seconds.
The uptown bus goes past the school on the hour.
The woman must take her pill on the hour.
Categories:adverb time

parcel out

parcel out  {v.}
To give out in parts or shares; divide.
He parceled out the remaining food to the workers.

party to

party to  {adj. phr.}
Concerned with; participating in.
The prosecution has been trying to show that the defendant was party to a fraud.