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just now

just now  {adv. phr.}
1. Just at this moment; at this time.
Mr. Johnson isn't here just now. Will you phone back later?
2.  {informal}
A very short time ago; only a moment ago; only a little while ago.
"Where could that boy have gone so quickly? He was here just now!"
Compare: WHILE AGO.
Categories:adverb informal time

just so

just so (2)  {conj.}
Provided; if.
Take as much food as you want, just so you don't waste any food.
Syn.: AS LONG AS (2).

make a stab at

make a stab at  {v. phr.}
To try doing something at random without sufficient preparation.
The singer was not familiar with the aria but she decided to make a stab at it anyhow.

make ends meet

make ends meet  {v. phr.}
To have enough money to pay one's bills; earn what it costs to live.
Both husband and wife had to work to make ends meet.
Categories:money verb

make free with

1. To take or use (things) without asking.
Bob makes free with his roommate's clothes.
A student should not make free with his teacher's first name.
2. To act toward (someone) in a rude or impolite way.
The girls don't like Ted because he makes free with them.
Categories:clothes rude verb

rate with someone

rate with someone  {v. phr.}
To be esteemed highly by another.
The professor really rates with both the graduate students and the undergraduates.

rattle off

rattle off or reel off  {v.}
To say quickly without having to stop to think; recite easily and rapidly.
When Roger was seven he could rattle off the names of all the states in alphabetical order.
Joan memorized the "Gettysburg Address" so well that she could reel it off.
We asked the waitress what flavors of ice cream she had, and she rattled them off.

rest assured

rest assured  {v. phr.}
To be convinced; persuaded; certain and unworried.
"Please rest assured," he said seriously, "that I will keep all of my promises."

rest room

rest room  {n.}
A room or series of rooms in a public building which has things for personal comfort and grooming, such as toilets, washbowls, mirrors, and often chairs or couches.
Sally went to the rest room to powder her nose.

rhyme or reason

rhyme or reason  {n. phr.}
A good plan or reason; a reasonable purpose or explanation. — Used in negative, interrogative, or conditional sentences.
Don could see no rhyme or reason to the plot of the play.
It seemed to Ruth that her little brother had temper tantrums without rhyme or reason.