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leave no stone unturned

To try in every way; miss no chance; do everything possible. — Usually used in the negative.
The police will leave no stone unturned in their search for the bank robbers.

forgive and forget

To have no bad feelings about what happened in the past.
After the argument the boys decided to forgive and forget.

life of the party

life of the party  {n. phr.}
A person who makes things enjoyable or interesting for a group of people.
Bill is the life of the party at school. He is always making us laugh.
Categories:life noun

tear down

tear down  {v.}
1. To take all down in pieces; destroy.
The workmen tore down the old house and built a new house in its place.
2. To take to pieces or parts.
The mechanics had to tear down the engine, and fix it, and put it together again.
3. To say bad things about; criticize.
"Why do you always tear people down? Why don't you try to say nice things about them?"
Dorothy doesn't like Sandra, and at the class meeting she tore down every idea Sandra suggested.

let bygones be bygones

To let the past be forgotten.
After a long, angry quarrel the two boys agreed to let bygones be bygones and made friends again.
We should let bygones be bygones and try to get along with each other.

hatchet job

hatchet job  {n. phr.},  {slang}
1. The act of saying or writing terrible things about someone or something, usually on behalf of one's boss or organization.
When Phil makes speeches against the competition exaggerating their weaknesses, he is doing the hatchet job on behalf of our president.
2. A ruthless, wholesale job of editing a script whereby entire paragraphs or pages are omitted.
Don, my editor, did a hatchet job on my new novel.
Categories:noun slang

lay for

lay for  {v.},  {informal}
To hide and wait for in order to catch or attack; to lie in wait for.
The bandits laid for him along the road.
I knew he had the marks for the exam, so I was laying for him outside his office.
Categories:informal verb


layoff  {n.}
A systematic or periodical dismissal of employees from a factory or a firm.
Due to the poor economy, the car manufacturer announced a major layoff starting next month.


layout  {n.}
General situation; arrangement; plan.
The layout of their apartment overlooking Lake Michigan was strikingly unusual.
Compare: LAID OUT.


layover  {n.}
A stopover, usually at an airport or in a hotel due to interrupted air travel.
There were several layovers at O'Hare last month due to bad weather.
Categories:noun travel