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end for end

end for end  {adv. phr.}
In a reversed or opposite position (as upside down or backwards); the other way around; over.
The box turned end for end as it fell, and everything spilled out.
The wind caught the canoe and turned it end for end.

end in itself

end in itself  {n. phr.}
Something wanted for its own sake; a purpose, aim, or goal we want for itself alone and not as a way to something else.
The miser never spent his gold because for him it was an end in itself.

end of one's rope

end of one's rope or end of one's tether  {n. phr.},  {informal}
The end of your trying or imagining; the last of your ability, or ideas of how to do more.
Frank was out of work and broke, and he was at the end of his rope.
The doctor saw that Mother had reached the end of her tether, and told us to send her away for a holiday.
Categories:informal noun


hard-and-fast  {adj.}
Not to be broken or changed; fixed; strict.
The teacher said that there was a hard-and-fast rule against smoking in the school.

hardly any

Almost no or almost none; very few.
Hardly any of the students did well on the test, so the teacher explained the lesson again.
Charles and his friends each had three cookies, and when they went out, hardly any cookies were left.

hardly ever

hardly ever or scarcely ever  {adv. phr.}
Very rarely; almost never; seldom.
It hardly ever snows in Florida.
Johnny hardly ever reads a book.

make a splash

make a splash  {v. phr.}
To cause a sensation.
The brilliant young pianist, barely 14 years old, made quite a splash on the concert circuit.

make head or tail of

make head or tail of  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To see the why of; finding a meaning in; understand. — Used in negative, conditional, and interrogative sentences.
She could not make head or tail of the directions on the dress pattern.
Can you make head or tail of the letter?
Categories:informal verb

make it snappy

make it snappy  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To move quickly; be fast; hurry. — Usually used as a command.
"Make it snappy," Mother said, "or we'll be late for the movie."
The man hurried into the restaurant and told the waitress, "A cup of coffee, and make it snappy."
Categories:informal verb

big wheel

big wheel  {n.},  {informal}
An influential or important person who has the power to do things and has connections in high places.
Uncle Ferdinand is a big wheel in Washington; maybe he can help you with your problem.
Categories:informal noun