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hit the nail on the head

To get something exactly right; speak or act in the most fitting or effective way.
The mayor's talk on race relations hit the nail on the head.
Categories:relationship verb

jack up

jack up  {v.}
1. To lift with a jack.
The man jacked up his car to fit a flat tire.
2.  {informal}
To make (a price) higher; raise.
Just before Christmas, some stores jack up their prices.
Categories:informal verb

day in court

day in court  {n. phr.}
A chance to be heard; an impartial hearing; a chance to explain what one has done.
The letters from the faculty members to the dean gave Professor Smith his day in court.

by far

by far  {adv. phr.}
By a large difference; much.
His work was better by far than that of any other printer in the city.
The old road is prettier, but it is by far the longer way.
Compare: FAR AND AWAY.

give the show away

give the show away  {v. phr.}
To reveal a plan or information that is supposed to be secret.
You have read further in the book than I have, but please don't tell me where the treasure was buried; otherwise you'd be giving the show away.

have a go at

have a go at  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To try, especially after others have tried.
Bob asked Dick to let him have a go at shooting at the target with Dick's rifle.
She had a go at archery, but did not do very well.
Categories:informal verb

rev up

rev up  {v. phr.},  {informal},  {slang}
1. To press down sharply several times on the accelerator of an idling car in order to get maximum acceleration.
The race driver revved up his car by pumping his accelerator.
2. To get oneself ready in order to accomplish a demanding or difficult task.
The boys were getting all revved up for the football game.
Categories:informal slang verb

up for grabs

up for grabs  {adj. phr.},  {informal}
Available for anyone to try to get; ready to be competed for; there for the taking.
When the captain of the football team moved out of town, his place was up for grabs.
Categories:adjective informal


crazy or mad or nuts about  {adj. phr.},  {informal}
Excessively fond of; infatuated with.
Jack is totally nuts about Liz, but she is not too crazy about him.

tee off

tee off  {v.}
1. To hit the golf ball from a small wooden peg or tee to begin play for each hole.
We got to the golf course just in time to see the champion tee off.
2.  {slang}
To hit a ball, especially a baseball very hard or far.
He teed off on the first pitch.
3.  {slang}
To attack vigorously.
The governor teed off on his opponent's speech.
4.  {slang}
To make (someone) angry or disgusted.
It teed me off when Billy stole my candy.
Joe was teed off because he had to wait so long.
Categories:slang time verb