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pad the bill

pad the bill  {v. phr.}
To add false expenses to a bill; make a bill larger than it really was.
The salesman padded the bill for his traveling expenses by exaggerating his food expenses.
Categories:money verb

take off one's hands

1. To abdicate one's responsibility of a person or matter.
"I am herewith taking my hand off your affairs," Lou's father said. "See how you succeed on your own."
2. To buy; relieve someone of something.
He offered to take my old car off my hands for $350.
Categories:hand verb

calm down

calm down  {v. phr.}
To become quiet; relax.
"Calm down, Mr. Smith," the doctor said with a reassuring smile. "You are going to live a long time."
Categories:time verb

port of call

port of call  {n. phr.}
1. Any of the ports that a ship visits after the start of a voyage and before the end; a port where passengers or cargo may be taken on or put off; an in-between port.
Savannah is a port of call for many Atlantic coasting vessels.
2. A place you visit regularly or often; a stop included on your usual way of going.
It was an obscure little restaurant which I had made something of a port of call.
His home had become one of my regular ports of call in Boston.
Categories:call noun

SWAT team

SWAT team  {n.},  {informal}
Police unit trained for especially hazardous or sensitive law-enforcement assignments; short for Special Weapons and Tactics.
Joe made the SWAT team of the NYPD due to his athletic skills.
Categories:informal noun

psych out

psych out  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {informal}
1. To find out the real motives of (someone).
Sue sure has got Joe psyched out.
2. To go berserk; to lose one's nerve.
Joe says he doesn't ride his motorcycle on the highway anymore because he's psyched out.
Jim psyched out and robbed a liquor store, when he has all he needs and wants!
Categories:informal slang verb

poles apart

poles apart  {adj.}
Completely different.
The two brothers were poles apart in personality.
It was hard for the members to make any decisions because their ideas were poles apart.

top banana

top banana or top dog  {n.},  {slang},  {informal}
The head of any business or organization; the most influential or most prestigious person in an establishment.
Who's the top banana in this outfit?

line drive

line drive  {n.}
A batted baseball that is usually hit hard and travels in the air not far above the ground.
The batter hit a line drive to left field for a single.

out on bail

out on bail  {adv. phr.}
Released from prison because a security deposit known as "bail" has been put up by an individual or a bail bond broker.
The murder suspect was out on a one million dollar bail awaiting trial.