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within call

within call or within hail  {adv. phr.}
1. Near enough to hear each other's voices.
When the two ships were within hail, their officers exchanged messages.
Billy's mother told him to stay within call because supper was nearly ready.
2. In a place where you can be reached by phone, radio, or TV and be called.
The sick man was very low and the doctor stayed within call.
The soldiers were allowed to leave the base by day, but had to stay within call.
Categories:adverb call

on call

on call  {adj. phr.}
1. Having to be paid on demand.
Jim didn't have the money ready even though he knew the bill was on call.
2. Ready and available.
This is Dr. Kent's day to be on call at the hospital.
The nurse is on call for emergency cases.
Categories:adjective call

at one's beck and call

Ready and willing to do whatever someone asks; ready to serve at a moment's notice.
A good parent isn't necessarily always at the child's beck and call.
Categories:adjective call

at call

at call  {adj.} or  {adv. phr.}
1. Ready or nearby for use, help, or service; on request.
Thousands of auto insurance agents all over the country are at the insured person's call, wherever he may travel.
2. At the word of command; at an order or signal.
The dog was trained to come at call.
Categories:adjective adverb call

call the tune

call the tune  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To be in control; give orders or directions; command.
Bill was president of the club but Jim was secretary and called the tune.
The people supported the mayor, so he could call the tune in city matters.
Categories:call informal verb

call one's shot

call one's shot  {v. phr.}
1. To tell before firing where a bullet will hit.
An expert rifleman can call his shot regularly.
The wind was strong and John couldn't call his shots.
To tell in advance the result of something before you do it.
Mary won three games in a row, just as she said she would. She called her turns well.
Nothing ever happens as Tom says it will. He is very poor at calling his turns.
Categories:call verb

call on

call on or call upon  {v.}
1. To make a call upon; visit.
Mr. Brown called on an old friend while he was in the city.
2. To ask for help.
He called on a friend to give him money for the busfare to his home.
Categories:call verb

call up

call up  {v.}
1. To make someone think of; bring to mind; remind.
The picture of the Capitol called up memories of our class trip.
2. To tell to come (as before a court).
The district attorney called up three witnesses.
3. To bring together for a purpose; bring into action.
Jim called up all his strength, pushed past the players blocking him, and ran for a touchdown.
The army called up its reserves when war seemed near.
4. To call on the telephone.
She called up a friend just for a chat.
Categories:call verb

call it quits

call it quits  {v. phr.},  {informal}
1. To decide to stop what you are doing; quit.
When Tom had painted half the garage, he called it quits.
2. To agree that each side in a fight is satisfied; stop fighting because a wrong has been paid back; say things are even.
Pete called Tom a bad name, and they fought till Tom gave Pete a bloody nose; then they called it quits.
3. To cultivate a habit no longer.
"Yes, I called it quits with cigarettes three years ago."
Categories:call informal verb

call off

call off
call off  {v.}
To stop (something planned); quit; cancel.
When the ice became soft and sloppy, we had to call off the ice-skating party.
The baseball game was called off because of rain.
Categories:call verb