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double-talk  {n.}
1. Something said that is worded, either on purpose or by accident, so that it may be understood in two or more different ways.
The politician avoided the question with double-talk.
2. Something said that does not make sense; mixed up talk or writing; nonsense.
The man's explanation of the new tax bill was just a lot of double-talk.


double-check  {v.}
1. To do a double check on; look at again very carefully.
When the last typing of his book was finished, the author double-checked it.
2. To make a double check; look carefully at something.
The proofreader double-checks against errors.

double check

double check  {n.}
A careful second check to be sure that something is right; a careful look for errors.
The policeman made a double check on the doors in the shopping area.


double-cross  {v.}
To promise one thing and deliver another; to deceive.
The lawyer double-crossed the inventor by manufacturing the gadget instead of fulfilling his promise to arrange a patent for his client.
Categories:time verb


double-date  {v.},  {informal}
To go on a double date; date with another couple.
John and Nancy and Mary and Bill double-date.
Categories:date informal verb


Two games or contests played one right after the other, between the same two teams or two different pairs of teams.
The Yankees and the Dodgers played a double-header Sunday afternoon.
We went to a basketball double-header at Madison Square Garden and saw Seton Hall play St. John's and N.Y.U. play Notre Dame.


double-park  {v.}
To park a car beside another car which is at the curb.
Jimmy's father double-parked his car and the police gave him a ticket.
If you double-park, you block other cars from passing.

double back

double back  {v.}
1. To turn back on one's way or course.
The escaped prisoner doubled back on his tracks.
2. To fold over; usually in the middle.
The teacher told Johnny to double back the sheet of paper and tear it in half.

double date

double date  {n.},  {informal}
A date on which two couples go together.
John and Nancy went with Mary and Bill on a double date.
Categories:date informal noun

double duty

double duty  {n.}
Two uses or jobs; two purposes or duties.
Matthew does double duty. He's the janitor in the morning and gardener in the afternoon.
Our new washer does double duty; it washes the clothes and also dries them.
Categories:clothes noun

double nickel

double nickel  {adv.},  {slang},  {citizen's band radio jargon}
The nationally enforced speed limit on some highways — 55 MPH.
We'd better go double nickel on this stretch, partner; there's a bear in the air.

double up

double up  {v.}
1. To bend far over forward.
Jim was hit by the baseball and doubled up with pain.
2. To share a room, bed, or home with another.
When relatives came for a visit, Ann had to double up with her sister.