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build on sand
[build on sand] {v. phr.} To lay a weak or insufficient foundation for a building, a business, or a relationship. * /"I  […]
drop out
[drop out] {v.} To stop attending; quit; stop; leave. * /In the middle of the race, Joe got a blister on his foot and had to  […]
Bobcat Goldthwaite
U.S. comedian America is one of the finest countries anyone ever stole.
John Heywood
(1497-1580) Many a good cow hath an evil calf.
feel for someone
[feel for someone] {v. phr.}, {informal} To be able to sympathize with someone's problems. * /I can really feel for you,  […]
working girl
[working girl] {n.}, {slang} 1. ({vulgar}, {avoidable}) A prostitute. * /I didn't know Roxanne was a working girl./ 2. A  […]

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