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Lord Woolton, British politician
One of the principle troubles about inflation is that the public likes it.
Idea Hamsters
[Idea Hamsters] People whose idea generators are always running.
come off second best
[come off second best] {v. phr.} To not win first but only second, third, etc. place. * /Our home team came off second best  […]
loaded for bear
[loaded for bear] {adj. phr.}, {slang} Ready for action; prepared and eager. * /Frank liked the new merchandise and as he  […]
for fun
[for fun] {prep. phr.} As amusement, not seriously, as a joke. * /Let's try to play Beethoven's Emperor Concerto together,  […]
to all intents and purposes
[to all intents and purposes] {adv. phr.} In most ways; in fact. * /The president is called the head of state, but the prime  […]
William James
(1842-1910) U.S. philosopher There is no God, but Mary is His mother.
Confusables - During vs. While
An explanation on how and when to use "during" and "while".

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