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bed of roses
[bed of roses] or [bowl of cherries] {n. phr.} A pleasant […]

bed of thorns
[bed of thorns] {n. phr.} A thoroughly unhappy time or difficult […]

bee in one's bonnet
[bee in one's bonnet] {n. phr.}, {informal} A fixed idea that […]

[berk] {n.} (also spelled burk) idiot, stupid person (from Berkeley Hunt, […]

best bib and tucker
[best bib and tucker] or [Sunday best] or [Sunday go-to-meeting clothes] […]

best man
[best man] {n.} The groom's aid (usually his best friend or […]

best seller
[best seller] {n.} An item (primarily said of books) that outsells […]

better half
[better half] {n.}, {informal} One's marriage partner (mostly said by men […]

big cheese
[big cheese] or [big gun] or [big shot] or [big wheel] […]

big daddy
[big daddy] {n.}, {slang}, {informal} The most important, largest thing, person […]