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born out of wedlock
[born out of wedlock] {adj. phr.} Born to parents who are […]

born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
[born with a silver spoon in one's mouth] {adj. phr.} Born […]

born yesterday
[born yesterday] {adj. phr.} Inexperienced and easily fooled; not alert to […]

bound for
[bound for] {adj. phr.} On the way to; going to. * […]

[brand-new] also [bran-new] {adj.} As new or fresh as when just […]

bread and butter
[bread and butter] (2) {adj.} Thanking someone for entertainment or a […]

bred in the bone
[bred in the bone] {adj. phr.} Belonging to your nature or […]

bright and early
[bright and early] {adj. phr.} Prompt and alert; on time and […]

[broke] {adj.} without money. See: '[stoney broke]', or just '[stoney]'.

brown bread
[brown bread] {adj.} Dead (Cockney rhyming slang).