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pay attention
[pay attention] {v. phr.} To listen to someone; hear and understand […]

[pickpocket] {n.} A thief; a petty criminal who steals things and […]

[piggy-back] {adj.} or {adv.} Sitting or being carried on the shoulders. […]

pipe up
[pipe up] {v.}, {informal} To speak up; to be heard. * […]

pull one's weight
[pull one's weight] {v. phr.} To do your full share of […]

push around
[push around] {v.}, {informal} To be bossy with; bully. * /Don't […]

put to bed
[put to bed] {v. phr.} 1. To put to rest for […]

put up with
[put up with] {v.} To accept patiently; bear. * /We had […]

rid of
[rid of] Free of; away from; without the care or trouble. […]

rotten egg
[rotten egg] {n.}, {informal} A person whose character or way of […]