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up to
[up to] {prep.} 1. As far, as deep, or as high […]

up to one's ears
[up to one's ears] {adv. phr.} Immersed in; covered with. * […]

vote a straight ticket
[vote a straight ticket] {v. phr.} To not differentiate one's ballot […]

vote in
[vote in] {v. phr.} To elevate to the status of "Law […]

water over the dam
[water over the dam] or [water under the bridge] {n. phr.} […]

wear down
[wear down], [wear off] or [wear away] {v.} 1. To remove […]

wear thin
[wear thin] {v.} 1. To become thin from use, wearing, or […]

wear well
[wear well] {v.} 1. To continue to be satisfactory, useful, or […]

week of Sundays
[week of Sundays] {n. phr.} A long time; seven weeks. * […]

weigh one's words
[weigh one's words] {v. phr.} To choose your words carefully; be […]