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acoustic perfume
[acoustic perfume] {n.}, {slang} Sound for covering up unwanted noise, such […]

acquire a taste for
[acquire a taste for] {v. phr.} To become fond of something; […]

across the board
[across the board] {adv. phr.} 1. So that equal amounts of […]

across the tracks
[across the tracks] See: [THE TRACKS].

[act] See: [READ THE RIOT ACT].

act high and mighty
[act high and mighty] {v. phr.} To wield power; act overbearingly; […]

act of faith
[act of faith] {n. phr.} An act or a deed that […]

act of God
[act of God] {n.} An occurrence (usually some sort of catastrophe) […]

act one's age
[act one's age] or [be one's age] {v. phr.} To do […]

act out
[act out] {v.} 1. To show an idea, story, or happening […]